Zerodha vs Angel One

In India, Zerodha and Angel One are two popular trading and investment for investors looking to open a demat account. Many people who are just stepping into the trading and investment market are unsure which one of these two platforms is the best for them. Choosing a trading and investment platform has to do a lot with your personal preferences and requirements. Hence, it may differ from person to person.

What I can do to help you is provide you with a clear picture of the two platforms covering all the crucial aspects of these two platforms, including their background, products & services, reputation, fees and charges, trading application, and support. Once you read this post till the end, you should be able to choose the right trading and investment platform among these two companies.

Zerodha: Background

Zerodha is a popular discount broker and trading and investment platform in India. Nikhil Kamath founded the company in 2010. Currently, Zerodha has a vast user base, and the platform is backed by cutting-edge technology, which makes things exceptionally reliable and convenient for traders and investors. It's worth mentioning that the discount broker won the top prize at the sixth edition of The Economic Times Startup Awards in 2020.

Zerodha: Trading Platform

It's time to look at the Zerodha trading platform. Zerodha offers a simple and reliable trading experience through its trading application, Kite. Customers can use the application on the web and mobile platforms. The application works equally well on both platforms. When using Kite, customers have the option to choose between Tradingview and ChartIQ charting. Besides, Kite comes with multiple order types, including GTT.

Apart from Kite, Zerodha comes with Zerodha Console for various reports such as P&L. The Console app also allows users to enable the Killswitch and turn off any desired segment for the next twelve hours. The feature is exceptionally helpful for avoiding overtrading and is expected to get more improve over time. Zerodha Coin is another impressive Zerodha app, which is especially for Mutual Fund's investment.

Further, Zerodha offers an excellent app for backtesting strategies, and the app is called Streak. Users can also integrate their Zerodha accounts with the Sensibull platform to test and compare different options strategies and check their risks and profitability.

Zerodha's Varsity app is a great free learning app for beginners in trading. The app explains different trading and investment aspects. Even the most complex concepts are presented in a very simplified manner. It is one of the finest apps for learning price-action trading and other trading and investment strategies and concepts.

Zerodha: Products & Services

Next, it's essential to look into what products and services Zerodha offers. Zerodha is an ideal platform for both trading and investment. Zerodha customers can trade and invest in stocks, IPOs, Futures and Options, Commodity derivatives, Currency derivatives, Direct mutual funds, Bonds, and Govt. Securities.

Zerodha: Fees & Charges

Customers can open a demat account with Zerodha for Rs 200, and besides, customers have to pay an AMC of Rs 300 per year. As far as the brokerage goes, Zerodha doesn't charge any brokerage on Equity Delivery and Direct Mutual Funds.

The platform charges a brokerage of flat Rs 20 or 0.03% (Whichever is lower) per executed order for Equity Intraday, F&O, Currency, and Commodity.

Zerodha: Customer Support

It's time to talk about Zerodha Customer Support. The platform offers excellent customer support through email and phone. Zerodha also has a decent knowledge base for customers to find quick answers to their queries. I contacted Zerodha Customer support a couple of times and found it very responsive and experienced.

Angel One: Background

Angel One is a SEBI-registered broker that has been around since 1996. The company started its end-to-end digital investment solution in 2019 and is one of the discount brokers with the largest user base. The platform has won many important awards over the years. Angel One received the Commodity Broker of the Year award and the Best Performing Retail Member Pan India in 2017.

The platform won the CEO Award for Best Trading Platform In India in 2018 and the Best Performing Retail Member in 2019. The company also received Bronze in ET Brand Disruption and Gold at Indian Digital Awards held in 2022.

Angel One: Trading Platform

Angel One has its trading application across the web and mobile platforms. The application comes with over 100 indicators, advanced charting, and multiple timeframes. Besides, the platform offers its SmartAPI for free for those who want to build their trading and investing platforms effortlessly.

Further, Angel One has its ARQ Prime app for rule-based investment. Like Zerodha's Varsity, Angel One has Smart Money to educate traders and investors for free.

Angel One: Products & Services

Next, it's time to walk you through the different trading and investment options that Angel One offers. Angel broking allows customers to trade and invest in Stocks, Futures & Options, IPOs, Mutual Funds, Commodities, ETFs, US Stocks, and Bonds.

Angel One: Fees & Charges

Customers don't have to pay charges for a demat account opening with Angel One. Besides, Angel One doesn't charge AMC for the first year. The platform charges an AMC at Rs 20 +taxes per month from the second year onward.


Angel One's brokerage structure is pretty similar to Zerodha, and like Zerodha, Angel broking has zero brokerage on Equity Delivery, and the platform charges Rs 20 per executed order or 0.25% (Whichever is lower) on Equity and F&O Intraday.

Angel One: Customer Support

Angel One has great customer support from the most experienced executives and offers customers excellent assistance through phone and email. It's also worth mentioning that Angel broking has an exceptional online Community for users to discuss various technicalities. Further, the platform offers excellent FAQs, Blog posts, and a Knowledge Center for quick reference.

The Bottom Line

I have got you familiar with the important aspects of both platforms, and as you have seen in this post, both Zerodha and Angel One are reliable trading platforms. Moreover, the platforms have many things in common such as the brokerage structure and products and services. However, one killer feature of Zerodha, which has lately got very popular among day traders, is the Killswitch, which enables you to disable any segment for the next twelve hours.

On the other hand, Angel One gives customers the advantage of account opening for zero charges, while Zerodha charges Rs 200. It's worth mentioning that I have tried many trading platforms so far and found Zerodha with the cleanest interface among all. As far as choosing between the two platforms is concerned, it's totally your call based on your requirements. However, I suggest you give both platforms a good try before making any decision.

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