Upstox and Groww are two popular trading apps in India that offer convenient options for opening a demat account. With their user-friendly interfaces, low brokerage fees, and advanced trading features, these platforms have attracted a growing number of investors looking to trade in the stock market. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, Upstox and Groww offer a range of tools to help you achieve your financial goals.

Upstox Vs Groww

Upstox Vs Groww Overview


Backed by Kalaari Capital, Tiger Global, and Ratan Tata, Upstox is a low-cost broking firm that is way too popular among traders in India. Established in 2009 by Ravi Kumar, Shrini Vishwanath, and Kavitha Subramaniam, this platform has opened up several opportunities for investment in the areas of stocks, Digital Gold, direct mutual funds, and IPOs. Check our Upstox Review to learn detailed info about the company.

Upstox Upstox

The smooth and clean web interface has made traders conduct trading without hassle. With Upstox, you can trade on both web and mobile apps. It offers various segments for trading, such as commodities, equity, currency, futures & options. 

Boasting over 40 lakh successful investors, Upstox is basically for everyone- long-term traders, part-time traders, and pro traders. It also contains lots of videos that give you an insight into the basics of investment and trading and other interrelated areas of it. 

Having received recognition from MCX, CDSL, and the Indian Fintech Forum, Upstox is a good platform replete with a bunch of good features and offers surprisingly mind-blowing rates. 


Founded in 2016 by Lalit Keshre, Groww is the brand equivalent to Nextbillion Technology Private Limited. This ISO-certified company is used and trusted by over 10 million users in India. 


Like Upstox, Groww also offers a good interface for easy handling on both web and mobile, and its app is also supported in the ios. It provides traders with opportunities to invest in stocks, Fixed Deposits, US stocks, gold, and mutual funds. 

Groww is an online platform for brokerage, but unlike Upstox, you won’t get any extra help to learn about the world of investment, brokerage, and stocks. This is because Groww is not equipped with informative videos, tips, or recommendations. 

Moreover, Upstox offers overall profitable good brokerage deals as compared to Groww. It is based on a simple pricing model and provides the facility of account free. 

It is thought that Groww is a better platform for investing in direct mutual funds than shares. It is an excellent investing platform for newbies who have just stepped into the world of trading. 

Upstox Vs Groww Charges

The brokerage firms charge at the time of account opening fee for trading. Both Upstox and Groww offer easy and simple processes for account opening. No paperwork is involved in this process. Yes, it is that easy!

Usually, the account opening charges may vary from as low as 0 to a maximum limit of Rs 200. While Upstox charges Rs 150 for account opening, Groww has made it a free process. 

Coming to Upstox Vs Groww Demat account charges, it is the fee charged for a dematerialization account that has the role of storing the securities, not in a tangible but in an electronic or digital form. The medium of depositing these securities is National Securities Depository Limited or NDSL. It is also known as Central Depository Services Limited or CDSl. These are under the control of the central government of India. Upstox and Groww make use of the CDSL only. 

The opening of the upstox and groww Demat account is not the end. You have to pay several other fees in the form of Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) of your demat account and several additional charges such as GST, broker commission, and STT. 

The monthly calculation is Rs 25, along with 18% of the GST charged for the maintenance of your Demat account. Upstox charges Rs 150 per annum as Demat AMC. On the other hand, Groww charges Rs 300 per annum as Demat AMC. 

While both platforms do not charge margin money or trade AMC, Groww levies online to offline charges, but it is not the case with Upstox. 

Equity Brokerage Charges

To avail of the broker’s services, some other charges, such as equity delivery, equity intraday, etc., have to be paid. 

The account free equity delivery charges in both Upstox and Groww. The firms have done this to avail of the broker’s services, some to draw a large crowd of customers towards them to sustain these platforms in the long run in this highly competitive world of brokers. 

While equity intraday brokerage and equity futures brokerage charge is Rs 20 in Upstox, Rs 20 per order is charged for both brokerage fees by Groww. 

For equity options brokerage, Upstox charges Rs 20 per lot, while Groww charges Rs 20 per order. 

Currency Brokerage Charges 

Since you are on the quest to find an apt brokerage firm, you are likely aware that not all firms provide services in the field of stocks or commodities. Luckily, Upstox and Groww offer services in these fields, but you have to pay certain charges for availing of the services. 

Upstox charges Rs 20 for Currency Futures Brokerage, while Groww charges Rs 20 per order for the exact charges. 

For Currency Options Brokerage, Upstox has kept the rate at Rs 20 per lot, while Groww charges Rs 20 per order. 

Commodity Brokerage Charges

In commodity trading, the buying and selling process of raw materials is made more accessible and hassle-free by the online services of brokers. In exchange for the offered services, the firms charge Commodity Options Brokerage charges. 

Upstox charges Rs 20 as Commodity Options Brokerage Charge, while Groww does not offer services for commodity trading. 

Miscellaneous Charges 

Apart from the chief charges already discussed in the above section, you must know that there are several other charges that you need to pay in your career as an investor or trader. 

  • Transaction Brokerage Charges 

This is the charge that has to be paid by a customer for every transaction that the Depository Participant or DP carries out. 

As Transaction Brokerage Charges, Upstox charges 0.00275% of the Total Turnover, while Groww demands 0.00325% of the Total Turnover. 

  • Minimum Broker Charges 

The minimum brokerage charge for Upstox is Rs 20, while Groww usually charges 0.05% of trade value, with Rs 20 as the maximum amount for this charge. 

  • Stamp Duty Charges

There is no fixed value as to what the stamp duty charge will be. The charges vary depending on the asset class type and the state. 

  • SEBI Turnover Charges 

 The Securities Exchange Board of India, also known as the SEBI, is the supervising body that oversees if the trade is conducted relatively by traders and investors. It monitors the security and commodity market and charges a specific amount for the turnover of the trades. 

Both Upstox and Groww charge Rs 5 per crore as SEBI Turnover Charges. 

  • GST Charges

As Goods and Service Tax or GST, a total of 18% is applied to brokerage and transaction charges. 

  • STT Charges 

STT or Securities Transaction Tax is levied only at the time of sell-side exclusively for F&O and intraday trades. The investors and traders need to pay this for both the sides of delivery trades and equity. 

While Upstox charges 0.0126% of Total Turnover for STT, Groww has kept it at 0.025% of Total Turnover. 

  • Charges for Call and Trade 

The Call and Trade charges have a range of Rs 20 as the minimum limit and Rs 50 as the maximum limit. It depends on the broker to broker and is charged when placing an order through call and trade. 

Upstox has kept the rate at Rs 20 per trade for the orders placed through the medium of call. These charges are not available for the platform Groww. 

Equity Exposure and Leverage

To be an investor, you must acquaint yourself with the ideas of equity exposure and leverage. The sum of money you have invested in trading or purchasing a stock and the amount of money you can lose on that very item or stock is termed exposure. 

But what is leverage? Leverage is nothing but a means used to enhance the exposure of your trade or stock to occupy a good position on that trade with the aid of the broker. 

For instance, if the leverage is 1:500, the investor will receive either $500 or Rs 500 for every $1 or Rs 1 of the capital of the investor's share. 

While the equity delivery is five times in Upstox, Groww has it up to only three times. The equity intraday in Upstox is maximized to 20 times, while the same is up to 14 times in Groww. 

The equity options between the two also differ a lot. In Upstox, the equity futures offered are up to 7 times, while it is still six times in Groww. While it is up to 8 times in Upstox, it is up to 4 times in Groww. 

Upstox Vs Groww Offers

It is one of the traits of stockbrokers to offer lucrative offers to beckon more and more customers and allure them to sign up for an account opening in their firms. Similarly, Upstox and Groww offer certain offers, such as a free stock broker account and great brokerage discounts. You can avail of up to 50% discount on their brokerage rates by utilizing the offer of brokerage discounts. With Upstox Coupon Code 2021, you can make better savings while opening an account.

Thus, it can be said that under this parameter, both Upstox and Groww are on the same page, as neither provides the traders with greater offers than the other. 

Desktop and Mobile Trading Platforms

As an investor/trader, various platforms can be used for trading stocks and commodities. TradingView is an excellent software to carry out transactions as it offers services and facilities in both the sectors of stock and Forex. 

MetaTrader4 is a good platform for Windows OS and Android handsets. For gadgets like Mac Computers and Apple IOS, MetaTrader 5 is a preferred platform for trading purposes. 

Upstox has the feature-rich best trading app in India for 2021, and I recommend them as the best. Upstox can be used in Windows, Mac, and Desktop browsers.

Groww can be used in the desktop browser. If you choose to use smartphones, both Upstox and Groww can be used as Android and iOS apps and in the mobile browser.


Concerning safety, Upstox is believed to be better than Groww. Being a registered firm of the BSE, SEBI, NSE, CDSL, and MCX, Upstox ensures that you have made a safe investment and there are no risks of getting scammed. 

Upstox is strictly monitored in accordance with the regulations prescribed for the stockbroker. Upstox is constantly audited by the exchanges and provides TPIN verification, thus ensuring a foolproof secured system. 

Upstox and Groww: Which is Best?

Perplexed as to how to choose the best stock broker to maximize your trade and swell your profits? Upstox vs. Groww– which one is better? For every trading deal you sign up for, the stockbroker charges a specific fee for carrying out the trading deals. This fee varies to a great extent depending upon the asset class. The Indian Brokerage Industry features a plethora of players in discount brokerage, such as Zerodha, Upstox, Groww, Angel Broking, and so on. 

The question that now springs up is which one you will choose for the investment in stocks, mutual funds, digital gold, and others. While it is common to think of lower brokerage rates as the basic parameter for the comparison among various brokerage platforms, several other factors of charges and services have to be taken into account while skimming among the platforms. 

Upstox Vs. Groww is a question that can surely put everyone in a dilemma. Both of these brokerage firms are good enough. But if asked which one is a better platform, it has to be Upstox as it has got a good rating of 4.5 out of 5. On the other hand, Groww has a mere rating of only 3 out of 5. The brokerage rates are low in Upstox, and thus going for Upstox will be a prudent idea. So, did you make up your mind? Which platform are you sticking to? The best part is you can try both platforms since there is no opening charges and AMC and see which one works the best for you.


What are the key differences between Upstox and Groww? 

Both Upstox and Groww are platforms for investing, but they differ in their approach and services. Upstox offers features like Upstox Pro, a trading platform with various tools, while Groww focuses on providing a user-friendly experience for mutual fund investments.

Which platform offers better trading tools, Upstox or Groww? 

Upstox provides the Upstox Pro trading platform, equipped with features like brokerage calculator, cover order, and executed order tracking. These tools enhance the trading experience compared to Groww, which primarily focuses on mutual fund investments.

Is there an account opening charge for Upstox and Groww? 

Upstox may have an account opening charge, whereas Groww might not have such a charge. It's essential to review their respective terms to understand any associated costs.

How does Upstox Pro enhance the trading experience? 

Upstox Pro is designed to provide advanced tools and features for traders, including cover orders, executed order tracking, and brokerage calculators. These features contribute to a comprehensive trading experience.

Is Upstox a discount broker? 

Yes, Upstox is considered a discount broker, offering competitive brokerage fees and tools to assist traders.

Which platform is suitable for mutual fund investments: Upstox or Groww? 

Groww specializes in mutual fund investments, providing a user-friendly interface and a range of mutual funds to choose from. Upstox, on the other hand, offers diverse investment options beyond mutual funds.

How can I compare Upstox and Groww to make an informed decision? 

You can use the “compare upstox” feature to assess the offerings of both platforms, including factors like trading tools, fees, and available investment options.

Does Upstox offer a demat account service? 

Yes, Upstox provides demat account services, which are essential for trading and holding securities.

What are annual maintenance charges, and do they apply to Upstox and Groww? 

Annual maintenance charges are fees for maintaining your trading or investment account. While they might apply to Upstox, it's important to check the terms for Groww to understand their fee structure.

How is customer service different between Upstox and Groww? 

Upstox and Groww offer customer support services, but Upstox might provide additional tools and resources due to its focus on trading.

Can I invest in equity futures and options with Upstox and Groww? 

Yes, both Upstox and Groww offer services for investing in equity futures and options.

Are there any transaction charges associated with using Upstox or Groww? 

Transaction charges might apply when you make trades on both platforms. It's recommended to review their fee structures for specific details.

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