Here is the detailed post comparing various features of Paytm Money and Groww. It will help you to gain a clear picture of Paytm Money Vs Groww to choose one of them as your stockbroker. 

With the rise of digital investing, trading apps have become increasingly popular among investors in India. Paytm Money and Groww are two of the most well-known trading apps in the market, offering a variety of investment options at low fees.

In this article, we'll explore the features and benefits of both platforms to help you choose the right one for your investment needs. From direct mutual fund investments to commission-free stock trading, both apps have unique strengths that make them worth considering for your investment journey.


They are a SEBI registered Investment Advisor who, on their website, claims that their “simplified user experience allows you to start your investment journey with zero paperwork.” They also promise to be with you on “every step of your investment journey.”

Paytm is one of the most famous Money transferring apps, making online transactions so much easier here in India. Another venture by them is brokering many investments. They have many options like every other investment company from which you can pick the best one for you. 

Paytm Money Vs Groww
Paytm Money Vs Groww


With its headquarters in Karnataka, Groww is also a company that guides you and helps you to buy stocks and mutual funds, gold, etc. They are trusted by over 10 million Indians who use those investment technologies and services. Over the years, they have also gained a lot of awards and recognition for their services. 

Groww App
Groww App

Now that we know a little about the services let us start comparing them and find out which one is the best! 


Both Groww and Paytm money have varied charges. It is free to open a trading account in Groww, but you will have to pay a small fee of 300 rupees to open a trading account in Paytm money. In addition, to maintain your Demat account, you will have to pay an annual maintenance fee in which Groww charges its customers 300 rupees per annum and Paytm charges 250 rupees per annum. 

They both charge you Money for maintaining your trading account yearly, and they also have zero margin money. 

When it comes to equity brokerage charges, there are some differences between them. Paytm Money has a free equity delivery brokerage, and Groww has zero equity brokerage charges. Apart from that, refer to the below table for comparing other costs:

Equity brokerage chargesPaytm money Groww
Equity intraday brokerage Rs 10 per orderRs 20 per order
Equity Futures brokerage Rs 20 per orderRs 20 per order
Equity options brokerage Rs 20 per orderRs 20 per order

Paytm Money has many options for referral programs, and they also have flexible plans to your advantage. However, Groww does not give you those options. They both do not have any happy hours or one-month free plans. 

Both Paytm Money and Groww do not have any deals regarding zero brokerage on loss trade or holiday offers. But, on the other hand, you can expect both the firms to give you many brokerage discounts to satisfy you. 


In general, Paytm Money has more investment options in comparison to Groww. Paytm Money has features like Equity Delivery Trading, Currency Trading, Commodity Trading, Ipo(Initial Public Offering), Sip (Systematic Investment Plan), And Banking. 

Groww, on the other hand, deals with Gold, Stocks, and Fixed deposits. 

Some of the common features between them are Equity Futures Trading, Equity Options Trading, and Mutual Funds. 

Apart from the investment features, they also lack extra features such as Robo advisory, portfolio management services (PMS), and trade institutions. 

Advisory Feature:

Another essential feature needed for a better investing experience is if your chosen service gives you sound financial advice and reports to judge your decision. Unfortunately, if we had to compare Paytm Money and Groww in this aspect, they do not offer that many advisory features. 

They both provide you with research reports, and Paytm Money offers some other reports like free stock tips and offline advisory. 

Neither of the companies provides you with information like weekly reports, monthly reports, annual reports, IPO reports, daily market reviews, or top picks. 

Different types of platforms:

Both Paytm Money and Groww have an online presence, and they do most of their trading through online platforms like websites and apps. This is how they can provide their services at competitive and cheap prices for their customers as they primarily work online; they do not incur that much cost compared to doing this physically. 

They have a solid online presence and make sure that it is easily available for all kinds of customers. Paytm Money has windows, Mac, and desktop browser options. However, Groww, on the other hand, has only a desktop browser option.

When it comes to mobile phones, they both offer various options like apps for Android mobile phones, IOS mobile phones, and other mobile browsers. However, they both do not have any apps for Windows and other mobile operating systems on the opposing side. 

Customer support:

Paytm Money and Groww have relatively good customer care service; however, they do not have 24*7 customer support. They both have fixed timing, during which you can contact them regarding any queries you have. 

They both provide you with chat support and online trading services, but they do not have a toll-free number that you can connect with. 

Before you choose the one for your investment, we would always suggest that you do two things: 

  • Make a checklist of all your investment requirements 
  • Create pros and cons list with your final two options. 

If you do these two, then you will be able to choose your service easily. First, make sure that the company you select satisfies all your investment needs and returns. Do thorough research before you make a choice. 

We hope this article about Paytmmoney vs. groww helped you make a choice. One wise thing to do would be to try both platforms and see which one works the best for you. We are sure that you will choose the best one for you! All the best! 

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