mstock refer and earn

mStock Refer and Earn Program: Details

mStock Refer and Earn lets you earn ₹555 for every successful referral of mStock's Zero brokerage plan. You can refer the plan to your friends, and interestingly, there is no limit to the number of successful referrals, which means unlimited income. Once you have a successful referral, you will receive your referral amount within 24 hours.

mstock refer and earn

mStock Refer and Earn Program: Rules

Here are some essential terms and conditions you need to be aware of to use the mStock Refer and Earn Program:

  • The Referrer needs to be a customer of mStock
  • The referral reward will only be paid after the Referee opens a mStock account using the Referrer's link.
  • According to Income Tax Law, a TDS of 5% will be deducted as the Referrer reaches ₹15,000 in the financial year.
  • mStock has the right to reject any application if it does not comply with SEBI-prescribed KYC requirements.
  • After a successful referral, the referral amount will be credited to the Referrer's account within 24 hours.
  • Referrers must avoid spamming, bulk invitations, and distributions to strangers, as this may make their links invalid.
  • Unlike other refer and earn programs, there is no limit on the number of referrals.
mstock refer and earn

How to withdraw mStock Refer and Earn payments

Withdrawal of mStock Refer and Earn payments is exceptionally simple, and to withdraw your referral amounts, you will first need to log into your mStock account on the web or your mobile phone. Next, you need to get to your ledger or Your Earnings section. Once you see your earnings, you can seamlessly withdraw them anytime you want and mStock doesn't have any mimimum reward limit for withdrawals. Hence, you can withdraw your referral amount without any restrictions.

How to refer mStock to new users

You can refer mStock to new users by logging into your mStock account and heading over to the Refer and Earn section. Once you get there, you can either enter the Referee's details and send an invitation, or you can share the link with the Referee through WhatsApp and other messaging apps. However, one thing to bear in mind is that you must never spam to avoid your links from getting invalid. You can ensure this by sharing links with only those friends or colleagues who showed interest in trading or investment. Besides, you must explain the benefits of the mStock Zero Brokerage plan to them for transparency.

mstock refer and earn


I have explained how to use the mStock Refer and Earn Program in this post. Besides, I have shared the essential terms and conditions for using this Program. I am sure you now have good clarity on how to use the mStock Refer and Earn Program.

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