Are you looking for a broker with the Lowest Brokerage Charges In Option Trading In India? In this post, I will share the seven best brokers with the lowest brokerage in Options Trading in India. Once you read the post until the end, you will gain clarity to pick the right broker for your Options trading requirements.

Discount Brokers for Options Trading and Their Charges

BrokerAccount Opening ChargesAMCOptions Brokerage Charges
Zerodha₹200₹300₹20 per executed order
Upstox₹0₹150₹20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per order
Paytm Money₹200₹0₹15 per executed order or 0.02% of turnover
Dhan₹0₹0₹20 per executed order
m.Stock ₹149 ₹360₹20 per executed order
Fyers₹0₹0₹20 per executed order


Launched in 2010, Zerodha is a trusted discount broker in India. The broker is SEBI-registered and comes with a clean and fast trading application (Zerodha Kite) across the Web and mobile platforms. Account opening with Zerodha costs ₹200, and besides, you will be charged an AMC of ₹300 every year. Zerodha charges a flat ₹20 per executed order for Options. It’s worth mentioning that Zerodha has reliable customer support.


Upstox home

Upstox was launched in 2009 and is one of the best Options Trading platforms since the broker comes with many dedicated features relating to Options Trading for advanced Options traders. Upstox has its application, Upstox Pro, across Web and mobile platforms. You can start with Upstox for zero charges, and regarding AMC, you will need to pay just ₹150 per year. Upstox charges ₹20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per order on Options. Further, Upstox has the best in industry customer support.

Paytm Money

Paytm Money Home

Paytm Money was launched in 2017 and is preferred by many Options Traders because of its reliability and low brokerage charges. The broker has advanced trading applications across Web and mobile platforms. You can start with Paytm Money for ₹200; besides, you will have to pay ₹300 every year as an Annual Platform fee. The broker charges ₹15 per executed order or 0.02% of turnover for Options Trading.



Dhan was launched in 2021, and despite being a new kid in the town, the broker has emerged as one of the leading brokers among Options traders in India. Dhan comes with dedicated Options Trading applications for Web and mobile platforms. You can open an account with Dhan for free; besides, you don’t have to pay any AMC. When it comes to brokerage charges, Dhan charges ₹20 per executed order for Options Trading. Besides, Dhan comes with a comprehensive customer support service.

Finvasia (Use with Caution)


Finvasia is a SEBI-registered broker that has been offering its stock broking services in India since 2016. Finvasia has been in the news in the recent past because of a major glitch in its trading terminal. The broker works on a zero brokerage model and doesn’t charge any account opening fee or AMC.

The broker makes money through the volume incentive provided by the stock exchanges. Finvasia has its application, Shoonya, across Web and mobile platforms. However, you need to be extremely cautious while using this broker after the last glitch.


m.Stock Home

m.Stock by Mirae Asset was launched in 2022 and is a SEBI-registered broker. The broker has taken discount broking to its next level by offering plans for zero brokerage. For brokerage-free trading, you can choose the ₹999 plan, and besides, you can have a free lifetime AMC by paying an extra one-time fee of ₹999. The broker comes with excellent trading applications for Web and mobile platforms. Besides, m.stock has a dedicated customer care team to assist users.



Fyers was launched in 2015 and is quite an underrated discount broker since Fyers has been exceptionally innovative and offers a reliable service. The broker has highly usable trading applications for Web and mobile platforms. You don’t need to pay any account opening fee while opening an account with Fyers. Besides, the broker doesn’t charge any AMC. Fyers charges ₹20 per executed order on all segment Options.


I have walked you through 7 brokers with the lowest brokerage in Options Trading in India. I have also included two brokers that offer you brokerage-free Options Trading – Finvasia and m.Stock. However, Finvasia had a recent glitch, which makes it less reliable than m.Stock. On the contrary, m.Stock has been very reliable so far.

However, when trying such a trading platform, you must try it with a low capital for some time unless you are completely familiar with the interface and features of the platform. Now, you can compare these brokers and select the right one for your trading requirements. 

FAQs Lowest Brokerage Charges In Option Trading In India

Which is the lowest brokerage charge for options in India?

If you are looking for a broker with the lowest brokerage charges for options in India, you may consider Finvasia or m.Stock. Both offer you brokerage-free trading. While Finvasia has recently had a major glitch, m.stock is seen as a reliable trading platform. However, if you choose Finvasia, you must use it with caution. We would recommend choosing m.Stock over Finvasia.

Which is the best brokerage for options trading in India?

While discount brokers like Zerodha and Upstox have done exceptionally well over the years, m.Stock is a new broker that offers a brokerage-free plan. m.Stock has been very reliable and has excellent trading applications for Web and mobile platforms. Hence, you can certainly give it a try.

How does a trading account differ from a demat account? 

While a demat account holds your securities, a trading account allows you to buy and sell these securities in the stock market. They work together to facilitate smooth trading activities.

What are mutual funds and how can I trade them?

Mutual funds are investment vehicles that pool money from multiple investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of assets. You can invest in a mutual fund through your trading account.

What are options strategies and how can I use them? 

Options strategies are techniques used by investors to manage risk and potentially profit from changes in the stock market. These strategies involve trading options contracts with specific approaches.

What is Intraday trading? 

Intraday trading involves buying and selling securities within the same trading day, aiming to capitalize on short-term price fluctuations. It requires close monitoring and swift decision-making.

What is interactive brokers ? 

Interactive brokers are online platforms that facilitate trading activities. They provide tools, resources, and platforms for investors to execute trades and manage their investments effectively.

How can I find the best broker with the lowest brokerage charges? 

Finding the best broker involves considering factors like brokerage charges, service quality, and platform features. Look for a balance between these factors to identify the ideal broker for your needs.

Why is Kotak Securities a popular choice for trading? 

Kotak Securities is known for its comprehensive trading services, including demat and trading accounts. The stock broker has a good reputation, reliability, and offers wide range of offerings make it a favored option for many traders.

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