Every prospective investor needs a lifetime free demat account to get started with investing in the stock market. It is necessary, as a dematerialization (demat) account is needed to keep shares.

It is similar to how a normal bank account functions, but instead of storing money for the client, the dematerialization account instead stores the investor’s shares. 

In addition to shares, bonds, mutual funds, or other investments in an electronic format can also be kept in the demat account. Keeping your electronic investments in your demat account has advantages such as good security and faster speed of transactions related to shares.

An annual maintenance charge is put on the user of the demat account by the stockbroker where the demat account is opened. This charge is also called AMC and is paid by the investor; otherwise, the account will be deactivated. 

So basically, a lifetime free demat account is a demat account in which the investor will not have to pay any yearly charges or annual maintenance charges to the broker at all. There will still be some other charges, including the one-time fee for opening such an account.

These accounts are a very good option for avid investors and stock investing professionals. This is so as their daily job is to invest and partake in the selling and buying of shares, so they need to use their demat accounts very frequently and for a long period. So if they are confident that they will be investing for the foreseeable future and many years, then opening a lifetime demat account is a no-brainer due to the cost reduction.

Lifetime Free Demat Account In India 2023

Now let us talk about the various stock broking companies in the Indian market that offer this service of a lifetime free demat account to their clients.

1. Nextbillion Technologies (GROWW) Demat Account

GROWW is the best lifetime free demat account in India 2023. It commands a wide user base and has one of the most trusted and used stockbroking sites and services right now. 

The company is valued at more than a billion dollars and is definitely one of the trustable and credible companies. GROWW offers the service of a lifetime free demat account to all its clients and investors.

What makes the deal even sweeter is that GROWW also does not charge trustworthy and credible clients for the opening of the account and has no AMC ( Annual Maintenance ) charge. The one major flaw of opening a demat account with this company is that it does not support any other futures and options and only allows trading in stocks to the user.

2. Paytm Demat Account

Paytm is the most famous lifetime free demat account in India though it is not a professional stockbroker. It is one of the most reputed providers of financial services in India and has a user base of over 350 million active users.

So it would make sense for the undeniable mogul of this segment to open an option for a demat account and their normal services. This is so, as a dematerialization account is nothing but an online wallet for your shares and investments instead of money.

Paytm Money gives the option to the users of having a free demat account for life. The investors need to pay a one-time charge to the company to open the account.

3. TrustLine Demat Account

Trust line lifetime free demat account in India is one of the many up-and-comers in this segment. The company offers the service of charging trustworthy lifetime and credible, free demat accounts to its clients.

There is no extra annual maintenance charge or any one-time account opening charge even required. This makes trusting an excellent option as it is a full-service broker too, and in addition to not charging any fee, it also provides further services such as asset management to the user. 

4. ProStocks Demat Account

Pro stocks is the latest addition to our lifetime free demat account in India 2023 list. It offers a lifetime free demat account to the customer as one of its services, a company offering a multitude of services such as derivatives trading, currency trading, derivatives trading, and other depository services. 

The lifetime free demat account is safe from any charges such as account opening or AMC charges. The only charge is a 15 INR charge per trade for futures and options and intraday trading by the user. 

5. Finvasia Demat Account

Finvasia is our last choice of lifetime free demat account in India 2023. It is a finance and technology company that offers a free lifetime demat account alongside other services like no clearing charge, zero brokerage, and no AMC at all. In addition, there are zero charges for the opening or annual maintenance of the demat account. 

If all that is not enough, Finvasia also does not charge any brokerage or trading charges from the customer at all.

Final Words 

This guide explains the importance of having lifetime free demat accounts and lists down some of the best platforms for the same. While it's great to have a lifetime free demat account, it's important to compare and choose the most reliable lifetime free demat account for your trading and investment needs.


What is a demat account? 

A demat account is an electronic form of holding securities like stocks, bonds, and other financial instruments. It's essential for investors and traders as it provides a secure and convenient way to store and trade these assets in the stock exchange.

How does a lifetime free demat account differ from regular demat accounts with AMC charges? 

In a lifetime free demat and trading account, you're exempt from paying annual maintenance charges, which can be a recurring cost in regular accounts. In other words, you can have an amc free demat account. This can lead to significant savings over time.

Can I open a lifetime free demat account with any stock broker? 

Not all stock brokers offer lifetime free demat accounts. Look for brokerage firms that specifically advertise this feature, like Motilal Oswal and Kotak Securities.

Can I trade equities using a lifetime free demat account? 

Yes, you can trade equities using a lifetime free demat account. Look for brokers that offer free equity delivery trading, which allows you to buy and hold stocks without incurring brokerage charges.

Do I need to maintain a savings account with the same bank to get a demat account? 

No, a savings account with the same bank is usually not a requirement for a demat account. However, it's recommended to check the specific terms of the broker you're interested in.

How do I open a demat account? 

To open a demat account, you typically need to provide your PAN card, proof of address, and other KYC documents. You can initiate the process online by going to the website of the discount broker.

Is there any market risk associated with a demat account? 

Yes, investing in the securities market involves inherent risks, regardless of the type of demat account you hold. It's important to understand and manage these risks before making investment decisions.

Is the PAN card the only document required for opening a demat account? 

While the PAN card is an essential document for opening a demat account, you'll also need to provide proof of address, passport-sized photographs, and other KYC documents as per the broker's requirements.

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