Finvasia Review in 2023

If you recently heard of Finvasia and are wondering if it’s a good platform for trading and investment, you will find the answer right in this post. In this post, I will present you with a clear picture of the trading and investment platform.

Finvasia Review

I will walk you through all essential aspects of this platform, including the company background, trading platform, products and services, fees and charges, and customer support service. After reading this post till the end, you should be able to decide if Finvasia is the right trading and investment platform for you.


Finvasia is the brainchild of an ex-Wall Street banker Tajinder Pal Singh and his brother, Sarvjeet Singh. The two brokers started the company in 2009 in Canada and ventured into India by registering with SEBI as a Foreign Institutional Investor in 2011. 

However, the company began its stock broking services in India in 2016. The fintech company is headquartered in Mohali, Punjab. Finvasia allows customers to trade and invest across BSE, NSE, and MCX.

Trading Platform

Finvasia is a decent trading platform for all types of traders and investors. Finvasia offers many trading tools. Finvasia’s Shoonya app is a multi-asset platform to simplify investing and trading. The application is available on Desktop, Web, and Mobile platforms. 


The app comes with excellent tools for technical and fundamental analysis comprising Multiple charts and timeframes, Multiple order types (including GTT and Basket orders), historical data, over 100 Studies, Screeners & Analytics, Option Chain, and seamless account management. 

The app also comes with seamless Deposits and Withdrawals. Customers can deposit funds through UPI or NetBanking. The app has been recently updated and has got a lot better in terms of usability.

Besides, Finvasia offers customers APIs for free to automate trading. Further, Finvasia has its in-house custom client portal called Prism to help customers view and analyze their investments under a single login. Further, Finvasia allows customers to view the various reports, including P&L, by login into the back office.

Products & Services

It’s time to look at the different trading and investment products and services that Finvasia offers. Finvasia allows customers to trade and invest in Equity delivery, F&O, Currency, and Commodity across BSE, NSE, and MCX. The platform also allows customers to trade in Currency F&O.

Fees & Charges

Finvasia allows customers to have a demat account opening for zero charges. On top of that, the platform doesn’t charge any AMC. As far as brokerage goes, Finvasia follows a lifetime zero brokerage across all segments. In case you are wondering how Finvasia manages to do this, it does it by eliminating the cost of sending exchange emails and messages. The platform earns through the volume incentive it gets from the stock exchanges. You can find Finvasia’s explanation on the same here:


Finvasia’s lifetime zero brokerage gives it a leading edge over other online brokers. Traders can save a big amount of money by choosing this platform since even discount brokers charge a big chunk of profits by the end of every year for those who trade regularly.

Finvasia Shoonya Glitch 2023

Finvasia Shoonya had a major glitch in 2023, wherein many traders were stuck in their positions and besides, bulk order were automatically placed on many accounts. However, the company compensated the losses for most customers. While it seemed shocking back then, even leading brokers like Zerodha had several glitches that year. Hence, it would not be wise to expect any broker with zero glitches but we have to be extremely careful to avoid big losses.

If ever you sense something unusual with the trading platform, you can stop entering fresh positions immediately and instead, look for some clarity on X and other social media platforms. Besides, you can always use multiple trading platforms, at least 2 to 3 so that if one platform has a glitch, you can continue trading for the day on some other platform.

Customer Support

While most traders and investors always had problems getting technical assistance on time with their brokers, Finvasia has redefined customer support services in the trading industry. The platform has the most responsive customer support through live chat, emails, and phone. 

Finvasia-review-client support

It takes just a few seconds to connect to the live chat, and unlike the Upstox live chat, you don’t have to log in to your broker account to access the live chat. However, phone support takes a long waiting time. Further, Finvasia has decent FAQs for quick reference.


Is Finvasia a good broker?

Finvasia has been a SEBI registered broker since 2016, with its headquarters in Mohali, Punjab, and allows customers to trade and invest across BSE, NSE, and MCX. The platform has many advantages over other online brokers. The platform doesn’t charge any account opening fee and AMC. 

Most importantly, Finvasia offers a free brokerage for a lifetime model, which can help you have more profits for yourself. The platform also offers a decent trading experience through its free multi-asset platform called Shoonya. Further, Finvasia has a reliable customer support service through live chat, phone, and emails.

How does Finvasia make money?

Finvasia offers lifetime free brokerage, unlike other brokers, by eliminating the cost of sending exchange emails and messages. As far as Finvasia’s business model goes, the platform makes money from volume incentives provided by stock exchanges.

What is Finvasia? 

Finvasia is a financial services provider that offers a range of services including trading platforms, account opening, demat accounts, trading accounts, and more.

What are the benefits of using Finvasia's trading platform? 

Finvasia provides advanced trading platforms that cater to different trading styles, including equity delivery, equity intraday, forex trading, and more. Finvasia trading account offers tools and features for traders to execute their strategies effectively. Further, the stock broker offers excellent daily market review. 

Can I engage in algo trading with Finvasia? 

Yes, Finvasia account supports algo trading, allowing traders to automate their strategies and execute trades based on predefined conditions in the stock market.

Are there any charges for opening an account with Finvasia? 

Finvasia securities doesn't charge any account opening charge for opening a Finvasia demat account.

How is the customer support at Finvasia? 

Finvasia provides customer support through live chat during the trading hours to assist clients with their queries and concerns related to trading, account management, and other aspects of their services.

Can I invest in mutual funds through Finvasia? 

Yes, Finvasia facilitates mutual fund investments, enabling clients to diversify their portfolios through these investment vehicles.

Does Finvasia charge brokerage charges?

Finvasia offers retail traders zero-brokerage trading, and the reason behind the zero Finvasia brokerage charges is that the platform earns commission from the exchange for volume trading.

How are the Finvasia trading platforms?

Finavasia has trading applications across the web and mobile device platforms. The trading app is called Shoonya,  which offers an average trading experience. 

Does Finvasia support commodity trading?

Yes, Finvasia supports commodity trading alongside other online trading types including equity, equity futures and equity options, index futures and options, and currency trading.


I have provided you with all the essential details of Finvasia review, and if you have read the post carefully so far, you should now have good clarity on the trading platform. Finvasia’s lifetime zero brokerage model sets it apart from other online brokers.

Traders can certainly save a lot of money by choosing this platform. Further, Finvasia offers a great trading experience through its free app, Shoonya, and offers excellent customer support service. If you haven’t tried this platform yet, you must give it a try.

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