Do you need help to choose between Dhan and Upstox? In this Dhan vs Upstox review, I will share all the essential Dhan vs Upstox points to give you the clarity you need to choose between the two.

Dhan vs Upstox: Company Overview


Pravin Jadhav founded Dhan in 2021 as a platform for investment and trading in Stocks, ETFs, Futures & Options, Commodities, and Currency. Dhan is a SEBI-registered discount broker. The platform is undoubtedly a top-rated trading platform in India, and it's interesting how it emerged as a popular stock broker in such a short span of time through its powerful marketing.


Upstox entered the industry in 2009 and is a SEBI-registered online broker. Upstox follows a discount broking model and is considered one of India's most reliable trading platforms. The platform allows you to trade and invest in Stocks, IPOs, Mutual Funds, F&O, Commodity, and Currency. 

Dhan vs Upstox: Charges

Dhan doesn't charge any fee on account opening; besides, the platform doesn't charge any AMC. It may seem too good to be true, but the platform has been really generous about these charges. 


Regarding the brokerage charges, Dhan charges minimal brokerage fees on different segments. The brokerage model of Dhan looks like this:

  • Equity Delivery: ₹0 brokerage charges
  • Equity Intraday, and all segments Futures: ₹20 or 0.03% of trade value, whichever is lower 
  • All segment Options: ₹20 per executed order

Upstox charges ₹0 on account opening and charges ₹0 Annual Demat Maintenance Charges. Upstox's brokerage charges are:

  • Equity Delivery: ₹20 or 2.5% (whichever is lower) per order
  • Mutual Funds: ₹0 brokerage Charges on
  • Equity Intraday, F&O, Currency, and Commodity: ₹20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower)

Dhan vs Upstox: Trading Applications


Dhan Web is a Web app you can access through your browser, and it's ideal for laptop and pc users. The app offers an intuitive interface for trading, a lovely market overview, and many handy tools for trading and investment. The app comes with advanced charting tools, including Tradingview and ChartIQ. Besides, Dhan Web comes with over 100 technical indicators, multiple order types, and a watchlist. Further, Dhan offers many other advanced features like Trader's Diary, webhooks, and free APIs

Dhan Options Trader Web


Dhan Options Trader Web is another Dhan app with dedicated features for advanced Options traders. When I say Options traders, I mean those who are into two-legged strategies. The app has a lot for such traders with features like Pre-Built Strategies, Staddle Chain, Strategy Builder, and OI Gainers and Losers. However, if you aren't into two-legged strategies, it may not be wise to use this app since it comes with comprehensive features, many of which will not be helpful to directional one-legged Options traders.

Dhan Tradingview


Dhan Tradingview is another commendable initiative by the platform to make trading more flexible. Dhan's Tradingview feature lets you integrate your Dhan account into an external Tradingview chart. Many experts believe the Tradingview charting tool online brokers provide gets updated a little later than the Tradingview app. Hence, you can use your external Tradingview app with Dhan and place and manage orders from the Tradingview app itself. 

Dhan App


Dhan App is the mobile version of Dhan Web and has all the comprehensive features of Dhan Web. Besides, the app comes with 2-factor authentication. The interface is just as clean as the Dhan Web app. However, I found it a little buggy, as I got logged out once after placing my order. Hence, you must use it only after this bug is fixed.

Dhan Options Trader App


Dhan Options Trader App is Dhan's Mobile app with advanced Options trading features. I found the interface intimidating since the app has too many features. It can be a good app for advanced Options traders since it comes with Pre-Built Strategies, Staddle Chain, Strategy Builder, and OI Gainers and Losers. While advanced Options traders benefit significantly from this application, beginners and intermediates can stick to the Dhan app.

Upstox Trading Applications

Upstox Pro Web


Upstox Pro Web is the ideal app for trading from laptops. The interface is exceptionally balanced, with valuable features, including an excellent market overview. Interestingly, the platform is equally suitable for trading and investing with advanced trading tools like Tradingview and ChartIQ. Besides, the platform has multiple watchlists and order types like GTT. Further, Upstox Pro comes with Ready-made Options Strategies and advanced Options traders can benefit largely from it. 

Upstox Pro Mobile


Upstox Pro Mobile is one of the most reliable mobile trading applications, with all the comprehensive features available in the Upstox Pro Web. The app is highly usable, and order execution is fast. Besides, users can seamlessly use Tradingview or ChartIQ charting tools on the Upstox Pro Mobile app.

Again, you can make the most of Upstox's news and market overview. Besides, Upstox Pro has advanced order types like GTT, allowing users to place StopLoss and Target while placing a buy order. However, I strongly feel Upstox can work on making order placement quicker.

Dhan vs Upstox: Pros & Cons

Dhan Pros & Cons

₹0 charges on account opening, and ₹0 AMC
The mobile app logs out anytime
₹0 brokerage fee on Equity Delivery
Different applications to trade, including web, and mobile apps
Minimal brokerage charges 
Application with dedicated features for Options trading
Excellent Customer Support through live chat, tickets, and phone

Upstox Pros & Cons

Zero account opening charge and AMC Equity Delivery is not brokerage-free
Advanced order types like GTT
Ready-mage Options strategies
Sensibull integration 
Tradingview and ChartIQ charting tools
The best-in-class customer support through live chat, phone, and tickets

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As you can see in the article, Dhan and Upstox are reliable trading platforms. However, there are some crucial differences in terms of brokerage charges and features. Unlike Upstox, Dhan doesn't charge brokerage on Equity Delivery. However, Dhan has many innovative features such as QR Code Scan login, Webhooks, Trade Directly from Charts, and a dedicated app for Options traders.

While Upstox is a reliable platform, Dhan is comparatively more advanced apart from being reliable. I see Dhan as a trading platform that has incorporated all the good points of other discount brokers plus added its own innovation to it. Hence, I would recommend Dhan over Upstox.

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