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Understanding Dhan vs. FYERS can be challenging if you try to do it on your own. This Dhan vs. FYERS review will give you an in-depth analysis of the two brokers in terms of their charges, trading applications, and customer support.

Dhan vs. FYERS: Company Overview

Dhan is a SEBI-registered online broker launched in 2021 by Pravin Jadav. The investment and trading platform offers financial instruments comprising Stocks, ETFs, Options, Futures, Commodity, and Currency. Despite being a new online broker, Dhan has become a popular trading platform in India. The stock broker also comes with excellent customer support.

dhan vs. fyers

FYERS is another reliable online investing and trading platform in India launched in 2015. The online broker is based in Bangalore and significantly made online trading more innovative with features like buying and selling right from the chart. Besides, the platform has reliable customer support.

dhan vs. fyers

Dhan vs. FYERS: Charges

Dhan has zero account opening charges; on top of that, the platform doesn't charge any Demat Account AMC. Further, the discount broker keeps its brokerage charges minimal.

dhan vs. fyers

Here is the Dhan's Brokerage model:

  • ₹0 brokerage charges on Equity Delivery
  • ₹20 or 0.03% of trade value, whichever is lower on Equity Intraday, and all segments of Futures
  • ₹20 per executed order on All segment Options

FYERS gives Dhan tough competition when it comes to charges since, like Dhan, FYERS doesn't charge an trading account opening fee and trading account AMC. Besides, the brokerage structure is just the same as Dhan.

dhan vs. fyers

It makes me feel that Dhan has deliberately followed the FYERS model regarding charges, which eventually helped it become popular quickly. Whatever it is, the fact is both discount brokers have been exceptionally generous regarding their charges.

Dhan vs. FYERS: Trading Applications

Dhan Web

Dhan Web is Dhan's web-based app that can be accessed using a browser without having to install any application on your device. Dhan Web offers a clutter-free interface with an excellent market overview.

dhan vs. fyers

Dhan Web has comprehensive features such as multiple watchlists, Tradingview, and ChartIQ charting tools, over 100 technical indicators, multiple order types, free API, and market depth. Besides, the app is exceptionally easy-to-use with a fast interface.

Dhan Options Trader Web

Dhan Options Trader Web is again a web-based app focusing on Options trading. Options traders can largely capitalize on this app since it has many advanced Options trading features such as OI Gainers, OI Losers, Strategy Builder, Pre-Built Strategies, and Staddle Chain. Besides, it comes with comprehensive Option chain data.

dhan vs. fyers

Now, one thing to understand is that the app is ideal for advanced options traders who are into two-legged strategies like staddle and stangle. The Dhan Web app should be more than enough if you are into a one-legged directional strategy. With that being said, you can still use the Dhan Options Trader Web app to learn advanced Options Strategies and upgrade your Options trading skills.

Dhan Tradingview

The Tradigview charting tool brokers offer is usually updating slower than the actual Tradingview. That's why many traders prefer trading solely based on their external Tradingview accounts. Dhan has addressed this requirement in a meaningful way by allowing users to connect their Dhan account to their external Tradingview.

dhan vs. fyers

Once you link your Dhan account to your external Tradingview account, you should be able to place buy and sell orders right from your Tradingview chart. Besides, with this setup, your Stop Loss trailing becomes even easier since you can drag your Stop Loss up and down the price line.

Dhan App

Dhanapp is the mobile application of Dhan that has all the features of the Dhan Web app. The app has a clean interface and advanced charting tools like Tradingview and ChartIQ. Besides, it offers users multiple order types and watchlists.

dhan vs. fyers

Further, the app provides users with 2fa authentication. However, I found the app logged out at any time and faced this issue twice. Hence, you need to be cautious while using this app. You must only use it after the problem is completely resolved. Until then you may use any other mobile trading app like Fyers or Zerodha Kite.

Dhan Options Trader App

Dhan Options Trader App is the mobile version of the Dhan Options Trader Web App and is ideal for advanced Options Traders. Dhan Options Trader App comes with many dedicated features for Options trading.

dhan vs. fyers

If you are not into advanced Options trading strategies like Straddle and Strangle, it may not be the right mobile app for you since it is loaded with a lot of features. Instead, you could stick to the Dhan app. 


FYERS Web allows you to access your FYERS account through your browser and trade. The platform comes with an intuitive interface and Tradingview charting. Interestingly, FYERS has some valuable watchlists by default, with scrips arranged based on sectors. 

dhan vs. fyers

FYERS allows you to use multiple chart layouts, which is not available in Tradingview's free version. FYERS was the first of its kind to introduce the feature of buying and selling from the chart. Besides, it allows users to manage the order and positions on the same page in the Tradingview Trading panel. Further, FYERS allows you to access the Option Chain with a right-click on the chart.

FYERS One (Trading Terminal)

FYERS One is the installable software for Windows PC and laptops. The software comes with all the essential FYERS features. The best part is that you can stay logged in with the software installed, ensuring better security. 

dhan vs. fyers


FYERS App is FYERS mobile application with almost all the features of FYERS Web. The app is user-friendly, but you should not expect to trade from the charts on the mobile app since it works like every other mobile trading app. However, the app is reliable. Order execution is fast, and charts also load faster. Further, it comes with 2fa authentication, which makes it very secure. 

dhan vs. fyers

Dhan vs. FYERS: Pros & Cons

Dhan Pros & Cons

No charges on account opening & No AMC
The mobile app automatically logs out sometimes
Zero brokerage on Equity Delivery
Minimal brokerage on other segments
Innovative trading features such as APIs, webhooks, and Trader's Diary
Responsive customer support

FYERS Pros & Cons

No account opening fee required & no AMC
High exchange transaction charges
Equity Delivery is free of brokerage charges
Low brokerage charges on other segments
Trading applications are fast and reliable
Users can buy and sell right from the chart
Excellent technical support through phone and emails

Dhan vs. FYERS: Customer Support

Dhan offers customer support through live chat, tickets, and phone, while FYERS provides technical assistance through phone and email. If we compare, Dhan has more responsive customer support than FYERS.

Besides, it is easy to reach out to Dhan's customer support because of its live chat. However, ticket responses are comparatively faster in FYERS than in Dhan.

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I have explained the various Dhan vs. FYERS points to provide you with the essential clarity between the two trading platforms. As you have seen in this post, both platforms have the same charges. However, there are some crucial differences when it comes to trading applications. 

While Dhan offers different trading applications and has dedicated applications for Options traders, FYERS focuses more on offering an intuitive and clean interface with balanced-out features. Further, Fyer's mobile application is more reliable than that of Dhan. However, when it comes to customer support, Dhan has an edge over FYERS for the reason that it offers live chat support. 

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