dhan refer and earn

In this post, I will explain how the Dhan Refer and Earn program works including the essential rules, and referal amount withdrawal process.

Dhan Refer and Earn: Program Details

Dhan Refer and Earn allows you to earn 20% of the brokerage for lifetime whenever your Referee trades on the platform.

However, for that, it's important that the referee opens a Dhan account with your referral link, code, or QR code, and besdies, one has to complete the KYC process in order to trade on the platform.

dhan refer and earn

As far as the Referee benefits goes, one can open a Dhan account for Zero charges. Besides, Dhan doesn't charge any AMC. Further, the platform follows a discount broking model with nominal brokerage charges.

Dhan Refer and Earn: Rules

Here are some essential rules to keep in mind while using the Dhan Refer and Earn program:

  • To use the program, you need to have an account with Dhan.
  • You must not spam or advertise your referral links to strangers.
  • You will only receive benefit once your referee completes the KYC and starts trading on Dhan.
  • 20% of the brokerage your referee pays will be credited to your on the same day.
  • Dhan doesn't have any limit on the number of referals per month or per year.

Dhan Refer and Earn: How to Withdraw Referal Amount

To withdraw your referal amount, you need to log into your Dhan account and get to your Dhan's Refer and Earn page.

To withdraw, you need to click on the ‘Withdraw to Bank' option. However, in order to withdraw your referal earnings, you need to have at least ₹100 in your referral earnings. Besides, it's mandatory to place at least one trade with Dhan before you can withdraw your referal earnings.

dhan refer and earn

Dhan Refer and Earn: How to Refer Dhan to Friends

Referring Dhan to friends is simple and all you need to do is log into your Dhan account. After that, you must get to the Refer and Earn page. Over there, you can find three options: link, code or QR code. Next, you can share your referral link or code with your friends and family using any of the three options.

Next, you will need to wait for the referee to open a Dhan account using your link or code. Besides, one will need to complete the KYC process. You income starts generating the moment the referee starts trading on the platform.


I have provided you with the essential clarity to get started with Dhan Refer and Earn. Unlike other platforms, the program doesn't come with any limitations, so you can earn unlimitedly.

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