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If you're searching for an authentic review of 5Paisa, you've come to the right place. Our team of experts has gained extensive experience and presents an unbiased, dedicated article to offer you insights into the platform.

Understanding 5Paisa

5Paisa is an Indian stockbroker that enables traders to invest online with discounted brokerage prices. Managed by IIFL founders, it is one of the leading investment platforms in the country, with a rapidly growing portfolio of over 1.2 million users.

When it comes to trading, it's essential to compare competing apps to find the one that suits your needs the most. We help simplify that process by evaluating 5Paisa's strengths, weaknesses, and other factors. But before diving into our review, let's explore what the app has to offer.

What does 5Paisa offer?

  • Online Trading: 5Paisa is affiliated with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE), and Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX).
  • Trading options: The platform offers equity, currency, and commodity trading.
  • Low brokerage charges: It is well-known for its flat rate brokerage charge of INR 20.
  • Three different packs: The platform offers three different packs to its customers: a general basic pack, a power investor pack, and an Ultra Trader Pack.
  • Demat and mutual funds account opening: 5Paisa offers the facility for opening demat and mutual funds accounts.
  • Mobile and web trading platforms: It provides a trading platform for mobile and website use.

Now that we have a basic idea of what 5Paisa is all about let's explore how it stands out from its competitors.

Low Brokerage Charges

Trading in the stock market requires paying a brokerage charge for every transaction, which can vary depending on the company and investment amount. However, 5paisa sets itself apart by charging a flat fee of INR 20 per trade, regardless of the investment value. This makes trading affordable and convenient, especially for those making large investments.

Research and Advisory

5paisa is renowned for its exceptional market research and analysis, providing users with valuable insights on trends, patterns, and fluctuations. With intel on over 4000 companies, customers have a vast selection to choose from. Additionally, the platform offers portfolio-based analysis to aid decision-making, making it a great choice for beginners.

Diversified App

While primarily a trading app, 5paisa also offers additional services such as digital gold, lending, international investment, and mutual funds. This diverse range of services caters to a wide audience, allowing users to select options that suit their preferences and requirements.

Margin Funding

5paisa offers margin funding, which sets it apart from other applications in the industry. With this feature, users only need to pay a fraction of the investment amount, while the remaining amount is taken care of by the broker, who happens to be the app. This makes investing more accessible, especially for those who cannot afford to pay the full amount upfront.


One of the most significant benefits of using 5paisa is its portfolio analysis service. The platform has an algorithm in place and a group of expert investors who provide advice on portfolios. The team analyzes each trade daily and offers suggestions on how to improve investments, making the investment process less stressful and more straightforward.


5paisa offers customers three different packs at varying prices. As users upgrade, the facilities and benefits improve, allowing them to make informed decisions and understand the wealth management sector holistically. This feature makes 5paisa an excellent choice for those looking to take their investments to the next level.

Strengths of 5paisa

Low Brokerage Charges

When it comes to trading, brokerage charges can significantly impact your investment gains. However, 5paisa sets itself apart by only charging a flat fee of INR 20 per trade, regardless of your investment value. This makes trading with 5paisa extremely affordable and convenient.

Research and Advisory

5paisa is known for its exceptional research and advisory services, providing its customers with valuable insights on market trends, patterns, and fluctuations. With a team dedicated to gathering intel on over 4000 companies, beginners and experienced traders alike can make informed investment decisions. Additionally, 5paisa offers portfolio-based analysis to help their customers improve their trading strategies.

Diversified App

While trading is their primary focus, 5paisa offers a range of other features such as digital gold, lending, international investment, and mutual funds. This diversified approach enables their customers to choose from a range of investment options, catering to their specific needs and preferences.

Margin Funding

5paisa sets itself apart from other trading applications by offering margin funding, allowing investors to pay only a portion of their investment cost, while the rest is taken care of by their broker. This provides flexibility and support to traders, especially those who are new to trading.


5paisa's algorithm, along with their team of expert investors, provides their customers with valuable portfolio analysis, including daily trade performance and suggestions for improvement. This takes away the stress of trading for customers, allowing them to make informed decisions with quality advice and support.


With three different pricing plans, 5paisa offers its customers a range of features and benefits, enabling them to make clear-cut decisions and understand the wealth management sector comprehensively.

Weaknesses of 5paisa

High Call-in Charges

One disadvantage of using 5paisa's basic plan is that the call-in charge to book trades is relatively higher than other companies at INR 100. This may not be a cost-effective option for traders who prefer booking trades via phone.

No Option for 3 in 1 Account

5paisa does not offer a 3 in 1 account, which could be a disadvantage for some traders. This type of account holds a demat account, trading account, and savings account linked to the respective bank, providing a convenient and smooth transfer of funds. Unfortunately, 5paisa does not offer this feature.

Research Not Available

Basic plan members do not have access to 5paisa's research and advisory services, which is a major disadvantage, especially for beginners new to investing. They must upgrade to the other plans to access these services.

NRI's Not Permitted

5paisa is an Indian firm that holds US-based investments for customers. However, Non-Indian Residents are not allowed to trade on the application, which may be a drawback for some potential customers.


5paisa undoubtedly offers some advantageous features that aren't present in other investment applications. These include diversified pack options, expert research and advisory services, and opportunities for international investments.

Moreover, their Marginal Funding facility is a rarity among their competitors. They are the only application that offers Marginal Funding, unlike Groww, Zerodha, and Paytm Money. Nevertheless, their lack of a 3-in-1 account option and high call-in-charge may prevent them from expanding their customer base.

Despite these limitations, 5paisa continues to perform well in the Indian market and you can definitely try out this trading platform. If you like it, you may start using the platform with a low capital.


What are the advantages of using 5paisa for trading and investments?

5paisa trading platform offers a range of investment options, including mutual funds, equity delivery, and currency options. The platform caters to smart investors looking for cost-effective solutions, with discount broker services and minimal account opening charges. Users can access technical analysis tools and resources for informed decision-making.

How do I get started with 5paisa?

To start trading on 5paisa, you'll need to open an account and provide essential documents like your PAN card and Aadhar card. The platform allows you to invest in mutual funds, equities, and currency options, with options for online trading and equity delivery.

What is the significance of equity delivery and equity options on 5paisa?

Equity delivery involves purchasing and holding shares for more than one trading day, allowing you to own a stake in the company. Equity options offer investors the opportunity to speculate on the movement of stock prices without owning the underlying shares.

What are the transaction charges and brokerage fees associated with 5paisa?

5paisa charges brokerage fees on trades, including equity futures, currency futures, and equity options. Users should be aware of the transaction charges and brokerage fees to make informed investment decisions.

How does 5paisa cater to different types of traders?

For swing traders, technical analysis tools on the platform can provide insights into market trends and potential trading opportunities. Trade Station Exe offers advanced features and customization options for traders looking for a more tailored experience.

Can I invest in mutual funds through 5paisa?

Yes, 5paisa offers the option to invest in mutual funds, providing users with a diversified investment portfolio.

How does 5paisa ensure secure and seamless online trading?

To ensure secure trading, 5paisa requires essential documents like the PAN card and Aadhar card for verification. The 5paisa trading platform provides an efficient and user-friendly interface for online trading.

What role does the total turnover play in trading with 5paisa?

Total turnover represents the aggregate value of trades conducted on the platform, reflecting the overall trading activity.

How does 5paisa's trading platform compare to other stock brokers?

5paisa positions itself as a discount broker, offering competitive brokerage charges for various types of trades. Users looking for smart investing solutions and cost-effective trading may find 5paisa appealing.

Can I invest in currency futures and options on 5paisa?

Yes, currency futures and options are available on the platform, providing traders with exposure to currency movements.

What advantages does 5paisa offer for investors interested in mutual fund investment?

The stock broker provides a platform for convenient mutual fund investments, allowing users to diversify their portfolio across various funds. This option is suitable for those seeking long-term investment opportunities.

How does 5paisa cater to those interested in currency trading?

Currency options and futures on 5paisa enable traders to speculate on currency exchange rate movements. This feature is beneficial for those looking to expand their trading horizon beyond traditional equities.

What are the key features of 5paisa's trading platform?

5paisa's trading platform offers a user-friendly interface, technical analysis tools, and real-time market data. These features collectively enhance the trading experience for users.

How does 5paisa support different trading styles, such as swing trading and intraday trading?

For swing traders, technical analysis tools aid in identifying potential market trends. Intraday traders benefit from real-time market data and efficient execution to capitalize on short-term price movements.

Is 5paisa suitable for new investors with limited trading experience?

Yes, 5paisa offers educational resources and a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for beginners to enter the world of trading and investments.

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