5paisa refer and earn

5paisa is a popular trading and investing platform in India. One of the reasons behind its popularity has been its constant initiative to make trading more cost-effective. The platform follows a flat pricing model and besides, has Super Saver packs for lowering the brokerage charges.

5paisa refer and earn

Did you know you can earn some extra with the 5paisa Refer and Earn program? In this post, I will explain all that you need to know in order to use the 5paisa Refer and Earn plan.

5paisa Refer and Earn: Benefits

5paisa Refer and Earn comes with excellent benefits. You can earn ₹100 for every referral. However, you will only get the benefit if the referee opens a 5paisa account within 10 days using your referral link from the day of sharing the link.

5paisa refer and earn

Once someone opens an account with 5paisa using your link, you will receive your referral amount with 72 hours. The best part is there is no limit unlike other refer and earn programs. As you complete 50 successful referrals, you will be automatically upgraded to Pro Partner Program.

5paisa Refer and Earn: How to Refer and Earn

Using the 5paisa Refer and Earn is ridiculously simple. To get your 5paisa Refer and Earn link, you need to log into your 5paisa account and get to the Refer and Earn section. Once you have the Refer and Earn link, you can share it with your friends through messaging apps.

5paisa refer and earn

Another way of getting your referral link is by going to https://www.5paisa.com/refer-and-earn, entering your Client Code, and generating your personalized referral link.

5paisa Refer and Earn: Terms and Conditions

Here are some important terms and conditions to bear in mind to use the 5paisa Refer and Earn program:

  • A referral will be successful when a referee opens an account with 5paisa within 10 days from the date of sharing the link.
  • There is no limit on the number of successful referrals for a month.
  • The referral amount is subjected to TDS deduction.
  • Spamming and bulk distribution of invitations can disqualify your referrals.
  • The offer is only applicable for regular accounts.

Why Should Your Friends Use Your 5paisa Refer and Earn

5paisa is a reliable and cost effective trading platform, and sharing it with your friends would be an excellent thing to do if you really want to help your friends. The best part is one can open an a 5paisa account for zero charges, and make an entry into the excellent world of trading and investing. Besides, by opening an account with your link, they can help you earn some extra income. There can't be a better way for friends to help each other.


In this post, I have explained how 5paisa Refer and Earn program works, and how you can use it to earn some extra cash. Most importantly, I have shared the essential terms and conditions of the program with your to help you ensure you use the 5paisa Refer and Earn program in the right manner.

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